Plesk control panel

The Best Hosting Automation Control Panel Ever. Just Try It.

Plesk Panel provides everything you need to host websites and web applications, from one to thousands. Parallels Panel is ideal for shared web hosters, web designers, IT professionals, and small businesses who want to manage e-mail and hosting needs in-house. Integrated add-ons from Parallels include Power Pack, Web Presence Builder, Customer & Business Manager, and a Hoster Management Pack.

Broad, supportive technology

  • Widest operating system support of any control panel solution: Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2, plus CentOS, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, and openSUSE
  • Most extensive Windows Server support, including Internet Information Services and the ability to publish Microsoft WebMatrix projects to Parallels Panel servers
  • Broad development platform support, including Apache Tomcat, Adobe ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails,Microsoft .NET Framework, and DotNetNuke

Easy-to-use web tools

  • Intuitive Web Presence Builder enables instant website creation, with point-and-click and drag-and-drop capabilities. Plus, select from more than 100 pre-built templates specially designed for different small-business types and personal interests
  • One-click installation of hundreds of free applications

Built-in virtualization support

  • Support for many virtualization technologies, including Virtuozzo Containers, Server Bare Metal, VMware, Xen, KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Panel cloning, which enables you to copy the same Panel instance to different virtual machines without compromising operability. Includes tools for preparing images, automatically reconfiguring to new environments, and optional automated delivery of licenses into new environments
  • Improved optimization for Virtuozzo Containers, offering the lowest memory consumption and highest server density available anywhere

Ease of use for customers

  • Built-in multilingual support for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean
  • Power User Mode provides a full-featured, yet simple, interface freed from shared hosting business functions
  • Custom View enables end-user panel functions to be customized to user needs or focused service plans
  • Video tutorials and scenario-based help within the panel increases ease of use for non-technical customers
  • Search function for functions and data within the Panel

Top-notch security

  • Improved password security, with random default password assignment and enforcement of five levels of password strength across all product areas (web, email, database, etc.)
  • Weekly micro-updates which install easily with no service disruption, protecting against future instabilities and security risks

Support for advanced technologies

  • Full IPv6 dual-stack support that co-enables IPv4; plus Server Name Indication (SNI) support to stretch limited IPv4 by putting multiple SSL certificates on one IPv4 address
  • Improved web server performance with NGINX, a supplementary web server that runs as a reverse caching proxy in front of Apache, efficiently serving multiple and slow connections while lowering overall RAM consumption
  • Full PCI compliance in both Plesk Panel and Customer & Business Manager, enabling you to confidently launch e-commerce applications

Easy administration

  • Role-based application access, to easily limit access to only those who need it
  • Server health monitoring, which simplifies troubleshooting and lets you configure alarm thresholds for automatic notification
  • Mobile server monitoring application, to monitor server health and performance indicators via smartphone
  • Single sign-on, eliminating the need to maintain multiple user names and passwords
  • Ability to turn selected Apache modules on and off to reclaim server resources and improve performance

Easy upgrades with lifecycle support

  • Hassle-free upgrades, thanks to (1) integrated pre- and post-upgrade checkers that proactively identify issues and suggest immediate fixes; and (2) prioritized updates to databases to ensure stability
  • Easier migration, because now you need only half the disk space as before
  • Guaranteed lifecycle support, supporting Panel versions for at least four years and allowing upgrades to the recent version
  • Risk-free release tiers, allowing you to choose either to access pre-release versions of Plesk for testing and evaluation or to wait for official release versions
  • Automated download and installation of updates, if desired
  • Update support for third-party products, including CentOS and Red Hat Linux, with automatic installation directly from vendors’ repositories
  • Version-less Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) templates that can be immediately updated when Panel servers inside PVC are upgraded, simplifying management and ensuring optimized performance

Great hosting support

  • Shared hosting administrator panel, with an intuitive graphic user interface optimized for shared web hosting and business management
  • Fully integrated billing and customer management, completely automating your hosting experience and enabling complete control over your customer-facing store, hosting and service plans, discounts, invoicing, and US and international taxes
  • Easy administration of shared hosting customers via the embedded customer control panel, allowing you to view and manage customers without opening separate instances
  • Reduced support costs due to easy self-help for users, including scenario-based video tutorials and search capabilities within the panel
  • Rich portfolio of add-ons to upsell to your customers, such as Domain Name Network, Payment Network, Chase Payment Network, antivirus and antispam protection, backup and storage solutions, and more
  • Sell domains and SSL certificates from any vendor, with easy re-direction of default links
  • Turnkey partner storefront to increase revenues and reduce churn. Sell commercial applications (with special, pre-negotiated pricing), mobile websites, collaboration tools and more, with easy, one-click installation
  • Built-in reseller support, to easily create reseller accounts
  • Affiliate model for additional revenue, enabling your customers to earn money or service credits by advertising your products or services on their websites—thereby growing your business, too
  • Highly acclaimed Postfix Mail Server as the default e-mail server for Linux installations, plus continued availability of and support for qMail
  • Improved hosting security and performance with FastCGI, enabling site isolation in a shared hosting environment while limiting the resources available to each user, resulting in increased uptime for your customers and enhanced customer satisfaction. Plus, when using Plesk Panel with CloudLinux, you gain SecureLVE jail shell support, which allows you to isolate data as well
  • Multi-domain hosting within a single subscription or webspace
  • Multiple FTP accounts in a webspace, allowing multiple customers to use FTP simultaneously and letting you point a single site to any folder inside a webspace
  • Ability to define custom Apache templates for each virtual host that do not get overwritten with panel upgrades
  • Direct API access, enabling you to tie Plesk Panel to any external system, such as external billing solutions or domain registration software